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We are Software Engineers with over ten years of experience developing successful software products and solutions. Our passion is to develop great software adapted to our client's needs. Software guys who speak your language and understand your business.

Meet our team

  • Carlos Latugaye

    Carlos Latugaye

    Chief Dreamer

    Carlos found his passion for Software Engineering while studying Business Administration (or was it when he first used a Mac?). He is a perfectionist and he cannot hide his passion for software usability and designing good user interfaces.

  • Fernando Dobladez

    Fernando Dobladez

    Chief Pragmatic

    Fernando was 15 when he first wrote software for money (he was a better salesman back then!). He is always challenging current practices to improve the way we (and our customers) get things done. He's careful to play the drums only when nobody is listening.

  • Jimena Sanchez

    Jimena Sanchez

    Software Craftsman

    Jimena is a passionate software developer, she loves learning new technologies and apply them to real requirements. She is currently working with distributed file systems and analysis of large data sets.

  • Sebastian Marucci

    Sebastian Marucci

    BPM Consultant

    Sebastian is a Software Engineer with passion for BPM. He participated in BPM projects in several countries around America, such as Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Panama and USA. Sebastian loves travelling and playing tennis. Also, he is a big Boca Juniors fan and never misses a match at 'La Bombonera'.

  • Alvaro Zorzini

    Alvaro Zorzini

    BPM Consultant

    Alvaro is a student who started developing Java and BPM at 17 years old. He loves being productive, always tries to help and collaborate at every single thing he is assigned to. Fanatic of football, his favorite team is Independiente ('El Rey de Copas').

Working at Code54

  • Pair programming
  • What a view!
  • Lots to read
  • Distributed team meetings
  • Watch out for the ghost
  • Reality check
  • Choose your set-up

    Mac or Linux. Android or iPhone. Emacs or Vi. Red or blue pill? Whatever makes you happy and productive.

    We all use powerful notebooks to work from wherever it makes sense.

  • Work from home

    We are a successful distributed team.

    We encourage working co-located. However, we have the culture and tools for working effectively when being remote.

  • All you can eat

    We know devs need a full belly to be productive. We always have great coffee, cookies, soda, and fruits for everyone.

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