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Fernando Dobladez

Apple Store's inconvenient truth

Written by Carlos Latugaye

During my last visit to Dallas, TX I stopped by the Willow Bend Apple Store to buy some accessories for my Mac Book Pro.

As many of you know, Apple Stores replaced their registers with wireless devices carried by the sales people. That’s cool. You don’t need to wait in line and the checkout process is really smooth.

While doing the checkout, I have an interesting conversation with the lady that helped me.

Me: You should be using iPhones instead of these wireless devices.

Lady from the Apple Store: I know!

Me: With the new iPhone hardware extensions you could have the code-bar reader and the credit processor.

Lady from the Apple Store: Agree! You know that what’s the saddest part of all this?

And she turned the wireless device around, removed the cover, and the “Windows Mobile” logo appeared.

Lady from the Apple Store: Don’t tell this to anyone…