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Fernando Dobladez

Working for Tendril

Written by Fernando Dobladez

At Code54 we’ve been pretty busy working for Tendril for the past months. Last July I spent a week at the Tendril offices in Boulder to meet their team and start our engagement with them.

Tendril Mug

The people at Tendril are a pleasure to work with; they are really smart and friendly. You can smell the healthy start-up atmosphere. The project progresses at a very fast pace and is really low on bureaucracy and politics.

It’s a very interesting and technically challenging project. It feels good to be working on stuff that matters. Smart use of energy is a serious challenge the world is facing and Tendril provides solutions.

Boca vs. Velez

A few weeks ago Ben Hoyt, one of Tendril software engineers, came down to Argentina to meet our team and share some of his knowledge. He is a very smart developer with lots of energy and passion. I took Ben to see Boca Juniors vs. Velez Sarfield, which turned out to be a great game (we got to see Martin Palermo’s record-breaking goal (headed from 40 meters)!.

This week, Scott Musson (in charge of Tendril’s software development team) is also paying us a visit. We look forward to meet him in person and get the ball rolling on additional sub-projects we’ll be working on for Tendril.