Our work What we have done

Our track record speaks for itself. We apply our passion to help our customer solve their business requirements using technology. Here are some examples of our work.

  1. Status: On-going

    Technologies: Java

    Tendril Networks Inc

    Platform Development

    Since mid-2009 we’ve been engaged with Tendril Inc in a project that really matters: building a Smart Energy platform to tackle the demands of the future.

    Our Code54 team working on the project is seamlessly integrated with the core Engineering team at Tendril, participating in technical decisions, design and coding of the Tendril Platform.

    The Tendril Platform is a Software-As-A-Service solution that connects energy providers with their consumers. Tendril provides end users and utilities with real-time consumption information, integration with smart appliances, data analysis and tools to save energy and lower distribution costs.

    Tendril is currently our most important customer and we work together on the basis of a long-term relationship.

    Technologies we use include: Java, Spring, Ruby/Rails, Python, Scala, Groovy, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Hadoop/Pig/Oozie, Zigbee, XMPP.

    "Code54 has been an indispensable partner for Tendril for nearly three years. They work hand-in-glove with our Engineering team to deliver the best-in-class platform for the Energy Internet."

    — Kent Dickson, Chief Technology Officer
  2. Status: Completed

    Technologies: Ruby on Rails


    Web Platform

    Our customer brought us a business idea and we turned it into a working product, from scratch.

    Simplicar offers a simplified Car shopping experience leveraging the group buying power of affinity groups.

    The platform includes a public-facing web site for potential buyers, back-end interfaces for certified dealers and an administration UI for Simplicar.

    It is built on Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Linux, Linode, Puppet.

    We worked closely with the product owner while developing the solution, giving and receiving constant feedback as the product was taking shape.

    We delivered the solution within the expected time and budget.

  3. Status: Completed

    Technologies: Ruby on Rails


    Web Platform

    Wedcompany is a leading web platform for wedding registries in Argentina.

    Together with Wedcompany, we assessed a legacy Java implementation and decided to re-implement the whole solution from scratch. We leveraged the existing data and put the new solution in production with no downtime.

    We did so in Ruby on Rails, using test-driven development, fully automated builds and continuous integration and deployments.

    The new solution is more robust, six times faster, and easier to manage. The new codebase is more flexible and empowers Wedcompany to incorporate changes at the speed of the business.

    Technologies we used: Ruby/Rails, HTML/SCSS, jQuery, RSpec, Heroku, Integrity, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux.

  4. Status: Completed

    Technologies: Oracle BPM

    Avio Consulting LLC

    BPM Implementation

    We worked together with Avio Consulting LLC on multiple BPM projects.

    Leading International Logistics Company

    We assessed the quality of an existing Oracle BPM implementation.

    We helped them identify and resolve performance and scalability issues. We provided recommendations and working examples on common design and implementation patterns.

    Home Loans Financial institution

    We provide a process-driven solution to manage the destruction of sensitive documentation for a Loan-Processing company.

    It was a complex set of business processes involving strict rules for paper document storage and destruction, distributed task assignments, auditing and demanding UI and usability requirements.

    The solution included the integration of different technologies such us Oracle BPM and database, BEA Web Logic Server, Crystal Reports, back-end mainframe integration and strict alignment with corporate web application and security standards.

    "Code 54 has provided invaluable experience to augment our Oracle 10g implementation teams. They had a deep, technical knowledge of the product, developed an excellent rapport with the client, and had a willingness to go above and beyond in order to ensure the projects were successful."

    — Brandon Dean, Executive Vice President
  5. Status: Completed

    Technologies: Oracle BPM


    Performance and code optimizations

    Nuon had developed a BPM solution on Oracle BPM and then contacted us to leverage our experience to resolve technical and procedural difficulties they were experiencing.

    We helped identify and resolve multiple performance issues, mostly related with Web Logic Server and Oracle BPM configurations.

    We helped improve their process designs, code quality and automate their build, promotion and deployment workflows.